More FREE Printables: Bookish Wall Art Edition!

AH, you guys! I’m back with another amazing free printable PDF download for y’all today… this time with framable wall art pages!

Gosh, I think these are so pretty. And they were pretty simple to make, too (shout out to Canva, hey-yo)!

Click here to download the printable file now.

Now, in order to turn these PDF pages into real, physical artwork, you’re going to need a few things. For one, you’ll need a printer, or access to a printer (libraries often offer free printing services to patrons or printing services for super cheap, like pennies per page; you can also try going to Staples if you’re nearby one to print colored or black and white pages for, again, pennies per page). For two, you may want to have some scissors and frames to hang the pages, but this is actually optional, and you can just hang the pages plain (no frame required!) with tape or push-pins on the wall instead.

But, to simplify things, let me take you through the process step by step, giving you some tips along the way (like, for example, if you don’t have a frame… making your own out of cardstock!).

Step 1: Download & Print Your Printables

Okay, so this seems pretty obvious, but in order to get your free artwork up on the wall, you gotta print it first! And, again, if you don’t have a printer at home or your work, consider using your local library or a store that has print on demand services, like Staples. I’m also sure there are plenty of websites out there you can use to print and send your pages right to your house!

Some of the pages in the printable file are black and white by default, but even the ones that are in color can be printed in black and white, too, with no problem.

Again, click here to get your PDF printable download.

Step 1 Alternate: Download Your Printables for a Digital Background

Oh, and if you seriously cannot find any way to print your free printables, you still have no reason to fret. Here’s a tip: just download the printable PDF and use your favorite page as a wallpaper/background on your phone, e-reader, or tablet!

Step 2: Frame Your Printed Pages

Now, here’s where things get a little bit tricky, and you might have to get creative with how to frame your printables.

First, gather up any extra frames you have laying around, and then see if any size will be large enough to fit your printed pages. Usually, 8 by 10 inch (or 20 by 25 centimeter/centimetre) frames or larger will work for regular letter-sized printing paper. If needed, have your scissors handy to trim off the extra edges if you want to fit a page in a smaller frame.

If you want to hang a page in a frame larger than the picture itself, just use some colored cardstock as a filler background, and then tape your printed page in the center of it. I actually don’t have any cardstock big enough to fit my larger frame completely, so I’m cutting up some scrapbook paper into sections and then taping those sections around the edges of my original picture. That’s just another lil’ tip for ya!

Step 2 Alternate: Create Your Own Frame & Frame Your Printed Pages

Listen, I’ve got a solution for everything. If you don’t have any frames on hand and don’t want to buy any, I got your back!

I’ve done this with a lot of other wall art before, and I’ll do it again with these. All you really need is some cardstock or cardboard and an open mind. Then, you’ll want to measure your cardstock/cardboard to fit around the edges of your printed page, letting it overlap slightly. Last, and this takes some skill, I’ll admit, you’ll want to cut out a frame from your piece of cardboard/stock.

Sometimes, you can even find a lot of leftover cardboard in the recycle bin, making this option super eco-friendly!

Step 3: Hang Your Creation on the Wall

Last but certainly not least, you’ve gotta let your wall art shine on the wall!

Whether you framed your pages or not, you can attach them to the wall with tape, nails, pushpins, those strip things, or whatever you have on-hand. I like push-pins since they don’t mess up my wall’s paint and they only leave a tiny hole, but you do you!

Step 3 Alternate: Place Your Creation on a Desk or Countertop

Oh, and if you don’t even have hanging supplies, don’t worry! You can always display these wall art printables right on your desk or workspace surface instead.

And… that’s all there is to it! Let me know what you thought/think of these pretty lil’ bookish pictures… and whether or not you’d like me to make some more!

Gah, I love free printables…


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