In Need of Some FREE Halloween-ish Bookmarks?

Yes–I am back with some more free printable things! And, today, I’d like to share… these cute lil’ “witchy” Halloween-themed bookmarks I made!

Honestly, Canva is amazing. I use it to make all of my printables, like those printable bookish wall art prints a while back, plus it helps me create all of my own book covers. And I’m not getting paid to promote the site or anything… although, honestly, maybe I should be because I love it that much.

So, this time, after spending an afternoon playing around on Canva, I ended up creating a set of 3 witchy bookmarks! They include two quotes from Hocus Pocus because, you know, of course… plus that one quote we all know from the famous three witches of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


Find the link to make these witchy bookmarks through the link in my bio! And pro tip: print on cardstock for the best results. #bookmark #bookmarksdiy #freestufffinder #bookish #halloweenbookmarks #halloweenbooktok

♬ Witch Familiar (Classical) [Classic](143628) – dice

I’ve also honed my TikTok skills (or so I’d like to think), and I’ve included a full how-to video for making these bookmarks from start to finish. Really, though, it’s pretty straightforward: just cut on the dotted lines, and add some ribbon if you please!

I think these bookmarks would be really fun to do with kids, too, and I may try making them with my nieces and nephews. I mean, hey, teachers–here’s some awesome Halloween-ish classroom inspiration!

So, again, we have three simple steps: download and print, cut, and add ribbon as desired.

Just a couple of pro tips, here, though:

  • Use cardstock or heavyweight paper for printing to make the bookmarks last longer
  • Use a hole puncher to make a nice hole for the ribbon to be tied into
  • Print as normal in a black and white only printer, if needed; the color of the bookmarks should look fine in grayscale

So, there you have it–a fun little bookmark DIY project to try out this Halloween! Or, perhaps, for any time of year… because we can read spooky books outside of October, right?


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