All the Places Where ‘What the Luck, Emma Lenford!’ is FREE!

Because who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

So, if you haven’t heard already, the first book in my awesome Emma Lenford series is out (it has been for a while, but I, of course, can’t just assume you’ve already heard of it, can I?), and if you also haven’t already heard… it’s called What Now, Emma Lenford? and it, too, is completely FREE!

Get a FREE e-book/audiobook combo of the first book in the Emma Lenford series, What Now, Emma Lenford?, delivered right to your e-mail inbox today!

The catch is, though… that the second book in the Emma Lenford series, called What the Luck, Emma Lenford! is not actually free. I know, I know, I even titled this post saying that it is… but, listen, just because it’s not free by default does not mean you cannot still get your hands on it for free.

There’s a lot of negatives in that equation, there, so let me clarify…

What the Luck, Emma Lenford! isn’t free, but you can still get it free on some platforms!

Does that make a little bit more sense? Maybe? Well, allow me to explain further…

Unless you’ve already used a free trial or some other introductory promotion at these sites, you can actually read all of What the Luck, Emma Lenford! free at:

Now, allow me to break these sites down one by one for you…

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten is newly popular cash-back service that you’ve probably heard of and don’t even know yet. You know, it’s the brand that has all those commercials with random people trying to say their name, “rakuten,” which is, actually, really hard for us English speakers… 

Anyway, Kobo is a sub-brand of Rakuten that sells audiobooks, ebooks, and e-readers online. And Kobo has an audiobook subscription service that lets you get (and keep!) a new audiobook every 30 days. It’s very similar to Audible by Amazon, only a Kobo subscription only costs $9.99 (USD) once a month!

And, if you are new to Kobo, you can start a Kobo audiobook subscription trial free for 30 days and get the audiobook version of What the Luck, Emma Lenford! to keep for free too! Yea-yuh!


Scribd is an online platform that connects readers with all of their favorite audiobooks, ebooks, articles, podcasts and more—it’s basically a library subscription and a half. It’s also similar to Kindle Unlimited (if you’ve heard of/used that one), too, in that you get unlimited access to as many pages as you want every month.

And you can listen to the audiobook, or read the ebook, version of What the Luck, Emma Lenford! right now for free if you sign up for a free 30 day trial of Scribd! You can also listen to/read a couple other books in that free trial, too, because… yeah, I know, I’m sure I’m not the only author you follow. is kind of just what it sounds like–a website dedicated solely to any and all audiobooks of the world! It’s also open to thousands of podcasts that you can listen to anytime, anywhere when you download the website’s accompanying app.

Anyone who is new to can get 3 free audiobooks to listen to and keep right now–and I’d, of course, highly recommend you choose What the Luck, Emma Lenford! as one of ’em.

Now, of course, this is just a list of 3 different platforms where you can read/listen to What the Luck, Emma Lenford completely for free right now… but, let’s not forget that you may also be able to read/listen free through your local online library, too! Because, just a heads-up, if your library’s got Hoopla, it’s got Emma Lenford.

As always, let me know if you’ve already gotten your copy of What the Luck… and, if not, what are you waiting for–it could be yours free right now!


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