Take a Painting “Class” with Me!

So, I felt like I had already shared this news on this here blog, but then I realized that… well, I haven’t, so, here it is!

I’m trying out something new on Etsy: virtual painting “classes”! Which, actually, are a lot more like painting kits with on-demand video tutorials, but you can definitely call it a class, too, if you’d like.

So far, I have 3 painting painting kits/virtual classes ready for everyone to try. Check ’em out in the pics below!

Included in each kit, all available on Etsy, are:

  • A unique link to an in-depth video painting tutorial
  • One 11 by 14-inch canvas with a pre-sketched drawing already on it (so you don’t have to draw anything!)
  • Paint containers with all the paint colors you will need
  • Plastic paint mixing trays
  • Paint brushes and mixing tools
  • A painting practice paper (N/A on the unicorn kit)

Essentially, you get all of the materials plus access to the video tutorial in every painting kit. You never have to buy anything extra to paint with me when you get one of these kits–the only things you may need to provide is a cup of water and a napkin or old towel!

And here is a quick description of each painting…

  1. The Sunset: A pink and orange sunset overlooking a deep blue sea with palm tree shadows spotted throughout.
  2. The Unicorn: A kid-friendly painting featuring a peachy unicorn with multicolored hair and a glittery horn!
  3. The Cat: A sweet gray and white kitty with a fun multicolored watercolor-splatter background.

Now, let’s get a little more in-depth with the nitty gritty deets on each painting (plus some more pictures!)…

The Sunset–The Perfect All-Levels Painting Classic

My sunset painting kit/class is perhaps my most popular right now, and I think it’s because it’s a true beginner-friendly painting. I mean, sunsets are, in my opinion, the easiest thing to make because it’s very difficult to mess up; even if you spill your paint over your canvas, you can still blend it all into your sunset. Really!

Sunsets are also very classic for painters to create, and I think everyone, artistic or maybe not so much, should try to make one at least once.

As far as the video class for this painting goes, it’s about 2 hours long (generally the same length as an in-person painting class would be!), and it goes over everything from how to use your brushes to how to mix your colors and how to apply paint to your canvas correctly. I actually teach the “class”, too, if I didn’t already mention that, and I try to make it feel like we’re just sitting, chatting, and painting together!

This one’s also great for “sip and paint” events… plus, and you heard it here first, you can get 15% off when you order two or more! Just be sure to use coupon code KIT15 at checkout, and you’ll be good to go.

The Unicorn–The Ultimate Kids’ Painting Kit

So, I may be biases, but my unicorn painting kit and class is kind of my favorite… I mean, who doesn’t love unicorns?

This kit is also unique from my other two because it includes glitter! And, again, who doesn’t love glitter?

I totally designed and filmed this unicorn painting class/tutorial with my nieces in mind. They love painting to begin with, but I knew they and all other young kids would love it even more if I kept their attention by making the video fun. And, yes, I may or may not have added in some cheesy jokes… but no regrets, guys, no regrets.

The included video tutorial for this kit is only about an hour long, which I think works best for the kiddos. I also included craft sticks (the kind that looks like popsicle sticks) in place of traditional mixing spatulas in these kits plus, as I’ve said many times (but I’ll still say it again)… glitter!

And, again, you can order multiple painting kits to have a painting party–plus you’ll get 15% if you order two or more and use the coupon code KIT20 at checkout! These would do especially well at kids’ birthday parties and other events, too.

The Cat–The DIY Painting Challenge

The last kit I currently have available is my cat/kitty painting, which, I will let you know, is a bit of challenge for those who are up to it. However, the class for this painting is still beginner-friendly, and I go pretty slow to take you step-by-step with the whole painting process.

The included video tutorial for this painting kit is about 2 and a half hours long, though it may take you longer than that to complete the painting if you feel the need to pause and re-watch certain sections. The end result is truly beautiful, though, and it’s well worth it to give it a try!

And, yes, the model kitty I used for this painting is my own… her name is Mía, and she’s a stray that I took in a little less than a year ago. She’s a cuddler, too, and she may or may not make a sweet appearance in the video at some point!

As with all of the other painting kits, you can save 15% by ordering two or more cat painting kits at a time! Just use that same coupon code, KIT15, at checkout.

Well, there you have it–a couple of painting classes you can take with me if you’d like! Check ’em all out on Etsy when you have the time… and, of course, leave a comment below if you decide to paint with me.

You can also leave me a comment to let me know what types of paintings you would be interested in creating with me as I plan future kits to release!

Until I make more virtual classes, though…

–Kari 🎨

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