What Your Favorite ‘Emma Lenford’ Character Says About You

And, even if you don’t exactly have a “favorite” character from this awesome book series… I got you, so keep readin’ and scrollin’!

(There’s totally a personality quiz included…)

So, I thought we’d have a lil’ fun today and just kind of chat about our favorite ‘Emma Lenford’ characters. But, you know, in a very unique way. A way that’s… pretty much fully interactive, so, again, it’s all going to be fun and games here.

Now, if you’ve literally never read or maybe even (gasp) heard of ‘Emma Lenford’ before… well, for one, you need to go snatch a FREE copy of the first book in the ‘Emma’ series right now (in ebook and audiobook forms–holla!), and for two… well, let me just break the synopsis down for you.

Emma Lenford, the main/title character of this series, is truly the unluckiest 17 year old on the planet. She’s constantly kidnapped, held at gunpoint, and even arrested for things she honestly didn’t even do. She keeps her sense of sarcastic humor, though, through the entire series of seriously ill-fated situations. 

However, Emma isn’t the only character of the book series, though… I mean, obviously, a book needs more than one character to really make the world go round, doesn’t it?

So, the other two “main” characters of the series include Stella Anderson, the book smart but common sense-less type, and Miranda Lively, the… well, she’s literally a practitioner of black magic and witchcraft, so, you know, there’s that.

There are also a ton of supporting characters that are super funny, too, like Mr. Mortinez (the highly attractive Costa Rican English teacher), Ashlee Neysmith (Emma’s overly-sassy Jamaican best friend), and Briana Bodenhigger (the approximately eight-year-old hyper-energetic child that Emma babysits for), among plenty others.

But, today, we are focusing on the true three main characters of the ‘Emma Lenford’ series… and, depending on which one you personally align with most, I’m going to tell you a bit about your own personality. Yep, that’s right, because your favorite character has something to say about you.

And, like I said, if you have no idea whether you relate most to Emma, Stella, or Miranda… well, hello, I’ve got a personality quiz for you!

Scroll down to see all of the questions, and keep track of whether you answer most questions with an ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ response…

1. How would you react if you thought you saw someone drowning?

A) Save them, obviously

B) Probably scream and panic

C) Just let them go

2. Now, be honest… have you ever stolen anything?

A) Probably on accident, since we’re being honest

B) Never!!!

C) Definitely.

3. What’s your “style” like?

A) Style? Really? All I wear are sweatpants.

B) Oh, my style is, like, off the hizzy, tizzy!

C) Am I known to serve looks? Yes, obviously.

4. If you were a painting, what would you be?

A) You know that Munch “The Scream?” I actually modeled for that one.

B) A flower bouquet! Or a rainbow… or a butterfly… or, you know, just anything colorful!

C) Every Picasso, ever.

5. And… what would be your dream job?

A) Anything a step above cleaning toilets would be great, really.

B) A job where I can help people!

C) Why would I need a job in a dream world?

Alright, now, I hope you kept track of your answers… because, here are your estimated results!

Drum roll, everyone…

If you answered mostly As, your favorite ‘Emma Lenford’ character would be… the one and only Emma Lenford herself.

If you answered mostly Bs, your favorite ‘Emma Lenford’ character would be… Stella Anderson!

And if you mostly answered Cs, your favorite ‘Emma Lenford’ character would be… Miranda Lively

So, now, what does this say about you, friends?

If Emma Lenford is your favorite character…

Ah, sorry, friend… you’re probably prone to bad luck, aren’t you?

However, I’d also guess that you have a great sense of humor, and you may be known to be the “sarcastic friend” on occasion. You’re also pretty down to earth, though, and you take reality like it is. And, this is just a guess, but… are/were you a C-average student?

If Stella Anderson is your favorite character…

You’re the one to love, aren’t you?

Now, this is just a guess, but I’m sure you’re sweet, kind, and always there for your friends, especially in times of need. Even if you don’t always know what you’re going or what’s going on in life, you always make sure you’re having a good time doing it. And you’re pretty confident, even when, maybe, you shouldn’t be…

If Miranda Lively is your favorite character…

Oh, boy. We need to watch out for you.

I’m almost certain that you’re the most confident kind in the world, and you know it, too. You’re also don’t scare easily… I mean, you don’t get scared, but you probably scare other people all the time. And, perhaps, there are some people that you just don’t get along with too well… but, hey, you’re not all that bad–you know what you want, and you always know how to get it, right?

I mean, hey, every character has her own traits–both good and maybe not so good. But, of course, we can all just take the ‘gooder’ cues from our favorite characters.

So, I hope this was fun for you all today. Let me know, of course, who your favorite ‘Emma Lenford’ character is in the comments below!


P.S… Stella is always my favorite charactershh!

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