Things I love

I’ve been churning out mainly lengthy writing posts for a while now… so, I’m deciding to take a break today and just write up a quick, fun post.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m very… distinct, I guess you could say, about my interests and such. Which, really, by that I just mean that I always really love or really hate something. There’s no in between. Or, at least, there rarely is.

And, also… I guess I just think that it’s important, or maybe just a good idea, for blog readers to know or feel like they know their favorite bloggers personally.

Now, I’m probably not anybody’s favorite blogger… but, I guess we can pretend I am and I can still share little tidbits of my interests.

So, here’s a list of the random things I love.

  • White chocolate. Especially when it’s made into those fancy little truffles.
  • Learning new languages. As of today, I know a little bit of 3 languages other than English… which are Spanish, Italian, and Russian.
  • …writing!
  • Long showers.
  • Chai tea.
  • The movies Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Easy A, The Hot Chick, Me Before You, and Coyote Ugly.
  • The colors pink and light blue.
  • Lip syncing in the mirror!
  • Ross and Rachel… when they’re actually together.
  • Driving with the windows down and the music way up.
  • Babysitting for my nephews!
  • Dipping pizza in ranch dressing.
  • Playing the piano… and sometimes the guitar.
  • Fruit smoothies.
  • Yoga.
  • Painting… when it doesn’t make me frustrated.
  • Rubbing my nose after I wash my face.
  • Driving through big cities at night (although this one’s rare, since I don’t exactly live in or near a big city).
  • Usually I hate mints, but the chocolate mints you get at The Olive Garden… those I love. (And, yes, they have to be from The Olive Garden; not even the store bought kind are any good.)
  • Falling asleep with headphones on, listening to music.
  • Buying new shoes…!
  • Crafting and scrapbooking.
  • Daydreaming, even though I probably do it too much, I like doing it and will probably never stop doing it at least twice every day.
  • Jumping on furnature!
  • Limes.
  • Audrey Hepburn.
  • Looking through old pictures.
  • Cooking when I’m home alone.
  • Polka dot prints.

And… (get ready for the grand finale…)

  • Blogging, duh!

So, that’s all for now! I probably missed a billion bullet points… but, oh well, it’s good enough.

Let me know how many things we have in common or things that maybe I love but you actually really hate!

And until next time…


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