Another poem ‘preview’!

Well, here’s another lil’ poem I wrote. I really like this one and thought it was preview-blog worthy, so… here it is!

Titled: Sorrows lost

She got a phone call
Late in the night
And she took the fault

There was no one to blame
None wrong nor right
But not to her it seemed

She couldn’t stop the tears
Sitting all alone
Her life was now her biggest fear

And as she sat and cried
Disappearing was her hope
And clouding became her mind

And then she turned to silence
Listened to the hours
Clocks ticking down to no end

Until she went to bed
Where her mind resented sleep
And her gaze stared straight ahead

She couldn’t think up thoughts
She couldn’t come to dream
Not even of what she’d lost

But then the morning came
Although it didn’t bring her heart
It had brought a different day

She didn’t want to go
She knew it would be hard
She still felt the sorrow

But with no love
She could not stay
And so she looked above

She needed peace
She began to pray
And asked if she herself could leave

But then she heard
Someone calling
Not on the phone, not with words

She looked around
Because her mind was talking
And then a note she found

She opened it and read
A message of faith
And promising phrases mentioned

What she had lost
Had not left in vain
Or without much thought

And then to her it was clear
Everything she wanted to have
Had always been there

Even amongst the rain
She mustn’t remain sad
One day she shall love again

Hope you liked it; it’ll be in Holding onto Stars tomorrow sometime! ❤


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