You read correctly!

So, I was sitting at the kitchen bar (which was covered in unopened junk mail, used coffee cups, and God knows how many crumbs and leftover food particles), eating a good old fashioned can of ravioli made by Mr. Chef Boyardee himself (yeah, right…), and… then I got to thinking, how many different ways can you actually physically eat ravioli?

I do this every time I eat it, too, though it’s been a while.


So, again, I’m talking about the ways you physically can eat it. As in… do you just eat each one whole? Do you cut them in half? Do you break them apart and eat each little piece (the top, the bottom, and the filling) separately? How many different ways is there to eat ravioli?

Now, y’all are probably looking sideways at your screens like I’m crazy. But, seriously, think about it…

  • You can cut it once.
  • You can cut it twice.
  • You can cut three… four… even five times!
  • You can split it apart.
  • You can eat the filling separately.
  • You can eat the filling with just the top.
  • …You can eat the filling with just the bottom.
  • You can take the filling out and eat just the top and the bottom!
  • You can eat two at once.
  • You can eat three at once.
  • You can try to eat four at once!

The possibilities, I’m finding, are really endless.


(Fried is amazing, too…)

So… tell me- how do you eat your ravioli?

Handmade fresh raviloi

Oh, and do you prefer cheese or meat filling? Or… maybe even something else?

(Personally, I enjoy cheese inside the best… and splitting the pieces up separately to eat… but I’m open to all of these possibilities.)

And be sure to comment with how many other ways you can think up to eat ravioli!


Ravioli, ravioli, let’s get this list a-going!

-iKari 🇮🇹


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