You all thought we were completely done with Holding onto Stars, didn’t you?


I have a surprise for y’all for these next few weeks…

Mini poetry readings!

Now, this is mostly meant to top off that whole poetry era thing… but, it’s also to give me some extra time off these next few busy weeks, because I made all of these lil’ readings in advance and I don’t feel like making any other ‘real’ blog posts for a while.

But, anyway, here’s what it’s all about!

I wanted to make some more vlogs for everyone to enjoy and such… but, I got kind of lazy, didn’t feel like actually recording anything, and also couldn’t come up with anything original and fun right away. Until this grand idea came…

Which is… mini poetry readings.

And, basically, all they are are videos of a few of my favorite original poems read with my own voice-over, the words on-screen the whole time. And, yes, I made them completely by myself, so excuse the editing if it seems kind of blah or amateurish or something. I tried to edit the sound a bit better than my usual vlogs, though, so maybe I did do at least something right. Either way, though, I think they don’t look or sound half-bad.


Here’s mini poetry reading number one!

And this one is… “The Mirror”.

Enjoy! ❤


Staring at the mirror
There are some words
We’re not meant to hear

But she still takes a glance
At all the things
We’ve never asked

And then she turns around
And takes a breath
She’s leaving now

Clearing the space that’s in her mind
She puts on a brave face
Just for one last time

(This one is the shortest of them all, too, so know that they’re not all just 53 seconds long.)

Well, that’s it, haha. Let me know what you thought/think… and if you’re looking forward to more of these the next few weeks!


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