Don’t look out the window.

Time for a raaandom poem.

Guys, I was just listening to the equivalent of two Evanescence albums while writing (finally) a little more on my latest book in the works, and then I was like… you know, I feel actually kind of “inspired” right now. I think I’ll write a poem.

So I pulled this blog up. And then this happened.

Don’t look out the window
There’s too much there to see
It’s just a broken dream

Don’t try to fix what’s gone
There’s too much here to reap
Go on
It’s just a chance to leave

Don’t slam the door shut
There’s too much left to be
It’s the only way to breathe.

Not bad, I think. Especially for skipping out on poetry for such a long time.

So, that was that. Thanks again (or… thanks for the first time?) to Evanescence for making such great music that inspires me in some way some how!

Let me know how you guys have been doing on making your own poetic words recently!


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