Holiday-themed writing prompts that don’t suck… part 2!

Oh my gosh, guys, can you believe it’s already “that time of year” again?

Well, I can, actually.

So, last year, around now, I posted a little something called “Holiday-themed writing prompts that don’t suck!“, and now, well… I’m back with a part TWO!

Hold onto your stockings, folks.

Let’s get into the holiday/wintery spirit with a few of my own imagined writing prompt ideas for the season!

  • The Santa Claus at the nearby fashion mall went rogue this year; you are the only journalist who witnessed his acts on the scene.
  • A bird flew into your pristinely cleaned window with a sign hanging from its neck that read “snow day or bust”.  The smash into the glass… literally… busted its neck.
  • The holiday gift exchange went a little south this time around. No, really–  your brother gave your son a a helium balloon with a very expensive item inside of it… and, being the curious three year old he is, he took it outside and let it go into the breeze, so now the family must chase it down from the southeastern winds.
  • “The nutcracker” suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.
  • ‘Tis the season of giving, too. Describe a family who helps another that may be less fortunate and how they make it, as the kids would say, truly magical.
  • What happens when a young child actually catches Santa eating her Christmas cookies in the kitchen… and then begins choking on them?
  • You get an annoying unlisted call and just ignore it. However, you get a voicemail ten minutes later with detailed instructions on which “secret” shopping sales you need to take advantage of before the end of December.

And there we have it- just a few random holiday prompts that I came up with on the spot this morning. Let me know, of course, if you do decide to use any and how it goes for ya!

Now, please excuse me while I whip up some chai and wrap up the dollar bill-printed toilet paper that I got for… myself.

-iKari 🎁

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