Finish the sentence… in the most creative way possible (Vlog!)

Hey y’all, and SURPRISE!

It’s a Christmas/Holiday-Themed Vlog Spectacular! 

Yeah! Okay, so, this time I took the time to come up with a few random sentences… and then recorded myself taking on the challenge of coming up with the ends of them the most creatively I possibly could on the spot.

I don’t think it takes much more explaining than that.

Please… enjoy and be entertained by my improvisational performance!

Oh, good lord, I don’t even know what half of that was.

Also, if English is not your native language… actually, no, I’m not sorry, because I have a feeling that would be approximately 5x funnier for you trying to clear up the confusion behind “jumped over a very round rump and landed… in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese”.

Please let me know what you thought/think… and have a lovely holiday season!


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