An audiobook… may be on the way!

Guys, I’ve got some (semi) exciting news!

So, you know, Christmas was this week, I think… and so, for my gift from my amazing parents, I received a brand new quality microphone! And by quality I mean not exactly professional/studio grade… but much more decent than that terrible built-in mic on my laptop!

And now, of course, this means my sporadic vlogs will be a bit more tolerable to sit through… but, also, of course, this means… I’m good to go on recording audiobooks!!!

And that’s pretty exciting, right?

It was originally my dad’s (AKA my biggest fan’s) idea for me to try out recording my own books, and so, when I told him I needed a better microphone for doing just that, he must have made it priority to get me one. But really, audiobooks are becoming a big thing today, especially for them busy folks, and I think it’s definitely a good investment for any author to make. Plus, I’m like… pretty amazing at reading to my nephews just about every night, and I think speaking my own words to a little black box should be no different.

And, maybe this is just me… but I feel super protective over my ebooks these days and I don’t know that I would trust anyone else besides myself to bring them to life over a recorded interface. Also… well, hiring someone else to do the job would put me well under the bank’s heavy fist, or something like that.

Well, that was all… for right now. I’m thinking I need to put this new ‘little black box’ to use this next week… maybe with another vlog, or maybe a podcast-type-thing? I’m not sure, so let me know, guys, what you’d wanna hear from me! Literally, hear!

I hope y’all are enjoying/enjoyed you holiday(s)!

-iKari 🎤

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