I wrote another poem.

(For my creative writing class.)

So, for my first big writing project in my new writing class, I had to answer 3 poetry prompts with… well, 3 original poems. My favorite, I think, is this one… the second one. And the prompt for it was, generally, something like this…

Write a poem that is a list of questions, and include as much imagery as imaginably possible. 

Of course, that was in my own words… but so was my response!

So, here’s a little poem that I wrote based on the above prompt for said class… and I think/though you guys might like it!

“Whoever, anyway?”


Whoever decided the names of things?

You know,

The butterfly, the strawberry, the hogwash?

None of them can be slurped with a straw,

And it’s quite impossible for an insect to be made

With Blue Bonnet on its wings.


Or, here’s a question,

Why must we wait until the fat woman sings?

It sounds very impolite in the first place,

And I’m sure there are plenty of shows

That end in red and white fireworks instead.


And why do we celebrate the start of a new year?

It doesn’t exactly mark a new beginning,

Just a new topless firemen calendar,

And the sense of time moving

Should make us aware of our imminent deaths.


Whoever invented poetry, anyway?

Someone had to put a pen to the paper first

And make use of the white around the words.

Sometimes, I wonder,

Does it even matter?

(It doesn’t.)

Random as always, but I think I did pretty decent with this one. Let me know what you thought/think… and maybe I’ll post another one or two of the three from the project, also!


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