“Craft a cliché poem”

And so

I did. 

This poem was yet another one made for that good ol’ creative writing class, and the prompt goes… well, craft a cliché poem! Specifically, I was asked to come up with a long list of clichés and then put them together in “fresh, surprising, unexpected ways”.

Here’s what I came up with.

Words as old as time,

You know what they say


Free as a bird,

Blind as a bat

But with a bird’s eye view,

Justice is blind, too


No stone unturned,

The same old story,

It’s not written in stone


Bet your bottom dollar,

Open a can of worms

To get to the bottom of it



Off the top of my head,

On the tip of my tongue


Don’t beat a dead horse,

Don’t rock the boat

But a horse of a different color,

We missed the boat on that one


We see eye-to-eye

And I just killed two birds with one stone

Good? Or eh?

Let me know what you thought/think… and how that dead spider in the corner of your shower has been doing lately!


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