Songs to inspire your poetic flow

I know at least I’m in need of some major inspo right now.

So, here I’ve compiled a list of songs that can inspire whatever subcategory of poetic feel you’ve just been looking for! You can take these into your brain a few different ways… number 1, you can straight shoot up on them while writing. Or trying to write. Option 2, you could listen to them before taking pencil to computer screen. Or trying to take pencil to computer screen. Or, option 3… you can completely ignore the purpose they hold and listen to every list after the fact of finishing your creative flow!

Sometimes, though, songs do just jump-start our lyrical flows like nothing else can. I do know this, mainly just from experience, but I know my experience can’t be all that much different from y’all’s.

So, here’s a few short playlists to get you going in your creative endeavors today!

A few playlists for when you want to be inspired to write…


Angry Poetry

What Were You Expecting? by Halestorm

Ghost by Fefe Dobson

Last Resort by Papa Roach


Mournful Poetry 

Heart is a Hole by Cherri Bomb

Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

Not Like the Movies by Katy Perry


Vivid/Imaginative Poetry 

The River by Imagine Dragons

Night Glo by Foxes

Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls


Demanding Poetry 

I Need to Know by Marc Anthony

Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna

Beat it by Michael Jackson


Helpless Poetry 

SOS by Rihanna

Help! by The Beatles

I Need a Doctor by Eminem

Well, I got a little creative with it toward the end there. But, anyway, creativity is what we’re all about, right?

Look some of the songs up above on… um, the internet! And let me know if taking a listen to one or two gives you some sort of fresh boost of inspo energy… or doesn’t.

Enjoy your freshened flow today everyone!


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