The most random urges writers feel

Or, at least, I feel them.

And if I feel it, then hey, maybe someone else will, too.

So, you guys, with absolutely nothing else to talk about this weekend… I’ve got these few random thoughts on my mind!

There’s these little things that only we as writers do. Or want to do. Emphasis on want—like it is an actual urge.

The first one I can think of goes something like this…

We get mad. We don’t know what to do with the anger. We have to vent to someone, and quick, but there’s no one around; we’re home alone or something and the fish bowl isn’t a good enough listener. But this voice of frustration… it must go somewhere… it must!

And so, what do we do, or at least think about doing? We pick up the pen. Or the computer keyboard. And we write. And we type. All of that built-up rage spills out on the page… in the form of two characters verbally fighting each other to the ends of the Earth in over 800 characters.

Okay, so this one I have not done… but I have seriously contemplated it. Numerous times. I mean, it’s not a bad stress-killer… as long as you’re willing to delete that 10-page argument slapped in the middle of your novel in progress during revisions next week. Which, honestly, I don’t know that I would ever be able to take something like that out… so that’s why I’ve never actually done it.

But I’m sure one of you has.

And here’s another good one. Less complicated, too.

I’ve always had this urge… to post a picture of me holding up one of my books, you know, proud to be published. Only, I’ve never actually published any physical books… just the e-reader kinds, so I’ve had this idea for a while that I could just hold up a random encyclopedia laying around or something, and then photoshop my e-book cover on top of it before posting my pride to the world.

Again, never done it, but I really want to. No matter how stupid my photo-editing skills look afterward.

Also, I think we’ve all always had the urge to, like, scream to everyone we first meet… “I’M A REAL GOOD WRITER AND I’M PRETTY AMAZING AT IT.” You know, when your family introduces you to your extended family at that friend-of-the-family’s-wife’s-sister’s funeral viewing… or, maybe that one’s just me.

But, of course, we all do want to share our work with everyone we possibly can as writers. And, when we meet new people, it always seems like a good opportunity to share that work, like, right away.

Should we do that immediately, though? I don’t know; my rule of thumb is to at least wait for them to state their name or country of origin, whichever comes first.

And then, lastly, there’s the urge to… switch professions. 

Just kidding.

(Kind of.)

Now, you guys, let me know whether or not you have felt any of the above mentioned urges before… or, maybe quite possibly, if you’ve ever acted upon one of them and what became of it/you!


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