INTRODUCING… The Inquiry Entries!

Here it is, the big announcement we’ve all been waiting for…

Remember The Quiet Diaries from way back when? Probably not, but so you can catch up with me here, The Quiet Diaries was a collection of sorts for random lines of “poetry” that came to my head. These lines were meant too… kind of provoke “deep” thoughts.

Now, though, I want to bring back the collection idea, but in a different light.

And that is where we come to The Inquiry Entries. 

The Inquiry Entries are very similar in the fact they are… well, random lines of poetic verse. However, these are more formed in the form of… inquiries…. (like, questions). Also, the title is catchy and kind of rhymes like The Quiet Diaries.

So, I am planning on starting The Inquiry Entries next week, and I’ll upload the collection in sporadic blog posts for a few weeks. Last time, I posted only The Quiet Diary posts, and nothing else, for those weeks that it was up and running. This time, I may or may not do the same… depending on my mood of each week, I guess.

But, get excited you guys… new material is going to be coming from me steadily these next few weeks!

And, when the “entries” will be complete, I don’t know. Like I said, I may post other random things like I always do alongside them… so, we’ll just see how far it gets. I know for The Quiet Diaries, I stopped and started again every few months, and I might end up doing that this time as well. It’s just all gonna go with when the inspiration strikes and dies, I guess.

So, be back here at the start of next week… for the first Inquiry Entry!


3 thoughts on “INTRODUCING… The Inquiry Entries!

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