Introducing… “For Us”.

First, we had The Quiet Diaries. Then, we had the Inquiry Entries.

And now, I’m starting us up with a new poetry series, called “For Us”.

This series is a little bit different than anything I’ve done before, but I’m pretty excited about sharing it with y’all!

So, here’s the rundown…

Each segment, I guess, in this series will have two parts to it. One part will be titled “To you”, and the other will be titled “To someone”. I’m not even really sure why I wrote these this way, but I did, and we’re just gonna roll with it.

Every “To you” section is written for, well, you–the reader. And then each “To someone” part is written for… just someone. It could be you, too, or it, most likely, is just for an imaginary other person. Usually these are for someone that I just wouldn’t like… while the “To you”s are for you/people that I do like!

Now, get real excited here, guys, because…

I’m starting weekly postings of “For Us” starting… tomorrow!

And I can’t wait to share the first post with you guys!


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