New Reddit writing prompt!

Hey, do any of y’all do that thing called Reddit?

Well, I do, and I have off and on for quite some time now… but, really, the only times I make my own posts is when I have a random writing prompt idea that, honestly, I don’t feel like writing off of myself!

So, just yesterday, I posted a new [WP] on the good ol’ RDT (Reddit…).

Quote by quote…


Oh, look, I didn’t even know I could embed a Reddit post like that… but, I did!

And, yes, my username is KISSMEDRIZZY. In all caps. No shame admitted.

Now, I posted this yesterday and decided to share it today, so you guys can track replies more… readily, I guess. Or, maybe I should say… Redditly

So, check out the OG post and make your own reply… I mean, if ya want!

And let me know if you like/liked the WP I oh-so-creatively concocted!


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