“Poems in progress…”

That’s the name of a new document I currently have stowed away under my writing folder on my MacBook.

Well, actually, it’s not even really new. I actually started it about… oh, gosh, over a year or… maybe even two now… but, anyway, I abandoned it pretty soon after starting and only now am really getting down to the progress part in it!

But, anyway, I intended for this post be a personal PSA. Because… well, I needed something to post this week, and I also felt like I needed to update everyone on my writings these days. And I have, like, three projects in the works right now, haha. Actually, four… but more announcements are coming for that last one later!

So, guys, I am still working on my next (hopefully hit) novel, THEE sequel to What Now, Emma Lenford?! But, right now, I’m about halfway through writing that (seriously, I did say I was burning through pages like mad for this one)… and so, I decided to take a few weeks-long book halftime from that… to make, apparently, a poetry book!

Yeah, I didn’t know what I was doing when I re-opened that long, lost “poems in progress…” document. But, apparently, it sucked me right back in, and now I think I’m speeding toward either a harsh crash or a semi-short published poetry collection!

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 3.17.17 PM
Free preview… (haha…)

Now, I have sort of published a bit of poetry before on this blog, and also once upon a time on Wattpad. But, I’ve never made an official e-book of it or anything… so, I’m thinking this could be my first chance to hop on that… maybe

Well, I’m still deciding what to do with this little collection once I’m done with it. All the poems I’m writing in it really work together, kind of around a central theme, so they’re really an all-together or none at all thing, if you know what I mean (which you probably don’t, but we’ll pretend you do). I would really love to make a nice lil’ e-book out of them, but… well, that’s something, again, I haven’t done before, and I’m just not entirely sold on it. I mean, like, I’m a fiction writer, an author, and I just… okay, I don’t really think of myself exactly as a poet. I look up to poets, you know, and… well, I’m just not tall enough to be looked up to (quite literally, and also a tad metaphorically).

I guess what I’m trying to argue with myself is that I just don’t see myself as a poet. I’m a writer and author, first and always foremost, and I just happen to write poems for fun, too. I just want my future worldwide Wikipedia page to say “American author and rap lyricist”, not “American author and poet”. It’s just too serious. Rap lyricist is a more fun title. Maybe we should just call all of my poems rap lyrics from now on instead and I’ll feel better about it.

Okay, clearly, guys, I’m banging my head into the overhead fan at this point.

I need y’all’s advice on this!

I’m probably overthinking it, aren’t I? I’m just irrationally thinking that I’ll self-publish one poetry collection and suddenly have to be a serious poet the rest of my days, aren’t I?

The fate of “poems in progress…” continues to be debated, I suppose.


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