Art pieces of the week 17!

Yes, it’s the art piece-S of the week!

Two more canvas magnets to add to the bunch!

Two is always better than one, right?

So, this week, we have “Blueberry P-Eye” and “What in Bloom Blazes?!”. Because, well, the blue-ish-purple one looks like an eye staring at me, and the other one… I just thought it was funny.

I’m super creative with the names, I know, haha.

But they’re both super close-ups of flowers!

And, just like with the last two magnets I blogged about, they’re currently only $5 and up on my Etsy! They are small, though, and shipping is probably more than their worth, but they make perfect add-ons to another order from my shop.

And, if you are interested in buying ANYTHING from my Etsy store, you can get 15% off your entire order with coupon code BLOG15!

Come back next week for some more beautiful piece(s)…


2 thoughts on “Art pieces of the week 17!

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