The Art Piece of the Week, 22!

Can we say it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas yet?

I mean, there’s oddly no snow here right now… because it turned up to 60 last week, literally a day after there was a blizzard. That’s Midwestern weather for ya, though!

But, really, I love the snow. And I actually like cold weather. Winter is my favorite season, and that’s my (probably) unpopular opinion!

So, check out this beautiful snow scene I painted last winter…

Oh, and there’s definitely a story with this one, so buckle up!

Last winter, when I was nannying it up at my sister’s, we all got a few snow days off of school/work. And so, on one of those days, my sister, my nephews and I all went out and stopped at a few places to go sledding. The picture I used for this painting was actually at one of those locations!

We were covered in snow and soaked and freezing, but I felt like there were some good photo opportunities in the wooded area nearby the sledding hills. So, my eldest nephew decided to take a mini hike around with me, and we found this bridge over a half-frozen creek that was, like, perfectly covered in fresh, untouched snow…

Which, fun fact, there’s a word in Russian for that beautifully fresh, untouched snow… it’s called porosha (пороша).

Anyway, since my nephew skipped out on sledding for a bit to trench through the woods and find this photo spot for me… I decided to name the painting “Parker’s Bridge” , after him.

Now, if you are really super intrigued in this piece… it is one for sale on my Etsy page!

As always, you can get 15% off this painting, or any other on my Etsy shop, or even combination of paintings, with the coupon code BLOG15.

I’ve been waiting for the winter season to come back around to post this. Please let me know how much you like it… and how much you just love wintertime!


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