EXCLUSIVE Pre-sale for Emma Lenford #2!

Yes, guys, I finally figured out how to work the pre-sale stuff!

So, today, I just wanted to make this lil’ announcement… that What the Luck, Emma Lenford! (a.k.a. the second book in my Emma Lenford series) is now available to buy early through Smashwords!

Check it out!

Buy now or get a free preview only at Smashwords!

And I still can’t get over how great that title is…

Also, of course, if you are like what the luck is this?… then know that you can get the first book in this series free—seriously! And then maybe you’ll understand what all the madness going on over here these next few weeks in actually about.

Check it out, everyone, and, as always, let me know what you thought/think!


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