Art Piece(s) of the week… #32!

I’m doing double duty again.

So, since these are kind of super tiny-ish pieces, I decided to share two pieces with y’all this week… just like I did on weeks 17 and 13.

AND SO… here’s one baby piece for this week!

I call this one “Imagine That”…

And the second piece…

This one’s just “In Blue 2”, alluding back to the “In Blue” butterfly piece I did a while back.

Both of these pieces are hand-painted magnets, and though the photos make them look larger-than-life, they’re actually each only 3 by 3 inches (or about 7.6 cm by 7.6 cm for literally everyone outside of the U.S.!).

I painted both of these by referencing pictures I took at a nursery last spring. It had just rained, too, so there were pretty water droplets on a lot of the petals!

I really think these magnets are great as little gifts… either for someone or yourself because, hey, everybody’s got a fridge!

Right now you can find both of these small pieces, as well as a lot of others, for SALE on my Etsy site!

Oh, and by the way, you can also get 15% off of anything you order from me on Etsy with this here handy-dandy coupon: BLOG15.

Let me know what you thought/think this week, guys!


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